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Exfoliation: to each his own!

Having perfect skin is everyone's dream. How hard are we, however, to take care of it? Do we know what it needs? For each type of skin there are specific products, but the basic steps are valid for everyone. One of these is exfoliation, which eliminates "dead cells" and gives the skin a healthier, fresher and brighter appearance as well as making it cleaner, smoother and ready to welcome subsequent treatments. Exfoliation promotes cell turnover (which slows down in the presence of skin that is no longer young). It is essential to be constant, exfoliating our skin once or twice a week, even during the summer, to keep the tan longer. Yes, doing a peeling or scrub does not make our complexion less intense, on the contrary, it keeps it healthy and prevents the formation of spots.

Exfoliation can occur in 3 ways:

Mechanical (scrub or gommage), with particles that favor the detachment of "dead cells" thanks to rubbing on the skin. By gently massaging the product, the skin becomes visibly smoother. The particles, or granules, can be of different sizes and materials (salt and sugar are the most popular)

Chemical (peeling), which removes dead cells thanks to the action of the acids present in the formula. Leaving the product on for a few minutes, you get a clean, smooth and radiant skin. The most famous exfoliating acids are glycolic, mandelic and salicylic acids.

Enzymatic (peeling), which performs its exfoliating action thanks to the proteolytic enzymes present in the formula. The product should be left to act for a few minutes and the skin is thus ready to accept subsequent treatments. The best known are papain and bromelain.

Recommended products:

Lux Enzimati Peel

How to choose the right exfoliant?

If you have very thick and resistant skin you should prefer a scrub to massage or an acid peeling.
If your skin is very sensitive and delicate, it is better to choose an enzymatic peeling.
In any case , always apply mechanical exfoliants on wet skin and carefully evaluate the number of exfoliations to be performed in a week.

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