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The Beauty of New Year's Eve

2020 is coming to an end. On the night of New Year's Eve you will be overwhelmed by thoughts, good wishes and all those messages that you usually send to relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

It is useless to underline and remember how terrible, painful this year has been from almost all points of view… to forget. But we want to share with you a hope , which is not the usual wish for a better year, also because, let's be honest, no one has a magic wand and things will not improve at the stroke of midnight.

We can say with certainty that we are hopeful and strongly convinced that in our small way, by doing good deeds and respecting ourselves and others, we will sooner or later all say goodbye to this bad nightmare.

It will take some time, but we will see the light again. Rest assured. So we thought: what can our contribution be? What can we be of use to? Well, we are a cosmetics company and therefore a good beauty advice can only be our best gift. Do you agree?

Put your favorite record on, turn off the TV, wash your face thoroughly with the cleanser that best suits your skin type (and / or needs), sit on your armchair (a chair or sofa is fine too) favorite and start pampering yourself. The beauty of holidays also consists in having much more time available for skincare.


First step : apply the Delicate Face Tonic on dry skin, using a cotton pad or using your fingertips. Frees and narrows the pores, regulates excess sebum, counteracting the unsightly shiny effect. This product is rebalancing and soothing, it also gives the skin a uniform, luminous and delicate appearance.

Second step : apply our Lift & Light Gold Essence. Shake it before applying it on the face, you will see the gold particles in suspension. The essence absorbs quickly and deeply, increasing the skin's brightness, reducing the visibility of fine lines and improving the dull complexion.

Third step : apply our double-phase serum (water and lipid) that everyone loves: the All You Need Super Serum. A serum with a sublime texture, which absorbs quickly without greasing. Inside, among the many ingredients, 24K gold and exclusive latest generation peptides. The latter, with an intense anti-aging effect, counteract the formation of wrinkles, helping to attenuate and relax the skin furrows, with an extraordinary lifting effect, and increase the level of hydration favoring the regeneration of the epidermis.

Fourth step : Lift & Light Gold Face Cream , a novelty that has already won the hearts of many people. Refined 24h face cream with anti-aging, lifting and illuminating action. Created to help fight the signs of aging, smooth and regenerate the skin. The delicate and luxurious texture gives an intense well-being and a more radiant appearance. It guarantees optimal hydration for 24 hours and enhances the natural radiance of the complexion. For velvety skin and a redefined oval. Its delicate and relaxing fragrance will win you over.

Last but not least : our Lift & Plump Gold Eye Cream. A precious lifting, plumping and illuminating eye contour treatment, extraordinarily rich in natural active ingredients, with a luxurious texture that is very nourishing, restorative and silky, with a tensor effect. Latest generation peptides bio-conjugated to pure gold particles and Hyaluronic acid with three molecular weights come together in an innovative and multifunctional formula.Massage the eye contour with the tool supplied: Eye Cream Applicator

We hope that this beauty ritual will help you find a pinch of serenity and self-esteem. Whatever you have decided to do to greet 2020, know that in 2021 we will still be here next to you, ready to offer you advice, products for skincare, bodycare and haircare, but also and above all to reiterate that # each person is Ether. We wish you all the best.

Happy New Year from Eterea Cosmesi Naturale staff.


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