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October: detox-time!

Returning to the city is often difficult due to the resumption of work and school rhythms, but how does our body experience this change?

The autumn period is not easy for our body to face, because we return to busy places, with less healthy air and many pollutants that are deposited on our face, on our body and even on our hair. Of course, there are also more important situations to evaluate, such as those on the food level, but we want to talk about the detox-antipollution topic from a beauty point of view.

We need to think about using something effective that does not weigh down the skin and hair and that performs a protective action, to prevent particles that are in the air from depositing on the skin and on the hair.

The first and fundamental step is to cleanse the skin and hair using products with detoxifying and purifying properties but which act gently.

For the face, we can choose serums that have a strong antioxidant action to protect the skin from pollution and "bad habits". If we feel the need, we can also apply a mist that performs a detoxifying action.

On the hair we can apply a styling product that creates a protective film around the hair in order to protect it from external aggressions and pollution.

A product that helps us drain excess fluids in the areas most "at risk" of water retention will be good for the body.

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