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How important is face and body exfoliation?

EXFOLIATE is a verb that we hear and read almost everywhere. Exfoliation is recommended by everyone, absolutely everyone, but do you know exactly what it is for and how important it is? Summer is about to come to an end and with it, even the tan will slowly go away. Those who have correctly exposed themselves to the sun have managed to obtain a homogeneous complexion, more or less intense, based on the phototype and the time spent in the sun, without sunburn and therefore without skinning (we hope!). It is very important to free the skin from the so-called dead cells, from the corneocytes which, like a "plug", occlude it and make it appear dull, opaque. To enhance the tan it is therefore essential to perform exfoliation rituals correctly. The latter will not only allow the skin to "breathe" and appear radiant, but will allow the active ingredients of creams and serums to penetrate properly and deeper. The cliché that sees in exfoliants the enemies of tanning is now outdated. Learn to take care of your skin, using the right exfoliant which, it must be remembered, must never be aggressive, especially for the skin of the face. Below is a series of references to exfoliate the skin of the face and body.

For those who want to start exfoliating right from cleansing


The Face Scrub Cleansing Gel, through the synergy of the various active components present in the formula, gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin, freeing the pores of impurities and counteracting skin imperfections. The exfoliating action is exerted by the hazelnut and almond powders, which deeply cleanse, eliminate blackheads, activate the microcirculation and improve the absorption of subsequent cosmetics applied, stimulating skin regeneration for a silky skin. With vegetable surfactants and soothing and moisturizing active ingredients, it stimulates cell renewal giving the face a smooth, soft and revitalized appearance. This cleanser is applied with a gentle massage, on the moistened face, with circular movements, avoiding the eye area. It must be rinsed thoroughly.

Our exfoliating and illuminating lotion for those with mixed / oily skin or with imperfections


This face lotion with exfoliating and illuminating action has been designed as a special treatment for mixed / oily skin or skin prone to imperfections. The special astringent and disinfectant formula based on Alpha-Hydroxyacids derived from fruit regulates the production of sebum, freeing from impurities and minimizing pores. Salicylic acid performs a delicate micro-peeling that renews the stratum corneum and refines the texture of the skin, improving its appearance and enhancing its natural brightness. Tartaric acid, with strong keratolytic and antioxidant properties, gently exfoliates the skin and helps stimulate cell turnover, preparing the skin to better assimilate subsequent cosmetic treatments, also exerting an effective anticomedogenic activity, freeing the skin and regenerating the deep dermis. Precious organic extracts of thyme, oregano and lemon complete the formulation by acting to sebum normalize the skin with a balanced astringent and antibacterial action, bringing brightness and tone. The combination of a concentrate of vitamins, zinc and super moisturizing natural active ingredients brings antioxidant and protective properties of cell membranes to the mixture, ensuring the maintenance of the level of hydration with a highly effective soothing action.The balanced synergy of the biological hydrolates of lavender, witch hazel and cornflower, with a decongestant, calming and anti-inflammatory action, acts effectively on sensitive skin prone to redness, for a regenerated skin that rediscovers new light Our lotion should be applied gently on the face and neck , previously cleansed, with a cotton pad, once or twice a day, depending on your needs and skin type.

The perfect product to caress, gently smooth and give brightness


It is an innovative three-phase formula that gently caresses and smoothes the skin, promoting cell turnover and giving an immediate radiance to the face, neck and décolleté. It actively acts to rediscover visibly rejuvenated skin thanks to highly prized vegetable oils with emollient and restorative properties that exert a powerful antioxidant action and act in synergy with proteolytic enzymes (bromelain and papain), carrying out a delicate exfoliation which is associated with the nourishing effect of a mask. Regular use gives the skin a healthy, smooth and radiant appearance. The product should be applied in small doses on the face, neck and décolleté, massaging gently. It is then left to act for a few minutes. After having moistened the fingertips, we go to massage. Proceed for a few seconds, then rinse and finally pat dry with a towel.

Mechanical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation in a single product for the body


It is an innovative body exfoliating treatment that acts through a triple action: mechanical action carried out by coconut and jojoba granules that work effectively on the superficial layers of the epidermis, freeing the skin from impurities, sebum and dead cells, smoothing gently; chemical action of tartaric acid and mandelic acid that stimulate the natural production of new cells, facilitating the absorption of the active ingredients contained in the subsequent treatments applied; enzymatic action of bromelain and papain which act in depth with a delicate micropeeling promoting cell turnover and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The formula is further enriched by organic extracts of apple, cedar, avena sativa, ruscus and blueberry which act by stimulating the microcirculation and regenerating the skin, in synergy with a functional complex of moisturizing sugars and the mix of organic coconut, apricot, almond oils. sweets, jojoba, argan to soften and soothe the skin. The enveloping soft and creamy texture caresses the skin, nourishes it intensely and gives it brightness and extreme softness. It is applied to preferably dry skin, massaged with circular movements, left to act for a few minutes and then rinse. We recommend using this product 3 times a week.

Mechanical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation in a single product for the body


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