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Body routine

But how do you have time to spread your body cream ?!

This question is one of the most frequent when we talk about our routine between friends. We almost always have extreme care for the face, but we don't care much about the body, except for hair removal! It is also important to have a routine for the skin of our body, not only to preserve its elasticity and beauty, but also to have perfumed skin. Cleansing is essential and we must choose non-aggressive products that cleanse the skin without irritating it.

Very important is exfoliation (we talked about it here / read article ) which allows a more thorough and deep cleaning, especially for those areas where the skin thickens more easily such as elbows , heels and knees.

Clearly, hydration cannot be lacking, precisely to prevent
skin from aging earlier than expected because it is dry and dehydrated.

We have talked about the importance of a post-vacation remise en forme ( read article ) but the daily routine is certainly leaner also for reasons of time. We don't have to have free hours to take care of our skin properly, a few more minutes are enough than a normal shower. For example, we can choose to use an exfoliating product on a different day from the one in which we shampoo so as not to have to extend the time in the shower too much. We apply the moisturizer at least 3 times a week, perhaps when we shower in the evening, so we can get dressed immediately without waiting for it to absorb completely.

If we prefer to bathe and relax for a few more minutes, we can dedicate ourselves to a light massage with a more full-bodied butter.

If in the last few weeks we have decided to disconnect from everything, including treatments, it is time to start again with products that fight cellulite blemishes, because in May it will be too late !!!!

This is a crucial period because everything starts again and we have to organize a thousand things, for this reason we must also plan the time necessary to take care of ourselves and relax ... sometimes 10 minutes are really enough!

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