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SOS. Hair

During the summer we are rightly concerned with protecting the skin from the sun's rays: we modify many routines to feel better (skincare, nutrition, etc ...), but do we ever think about hair? Even our hair needs special attention to continue to be beautiful, shiny and soft like silk!

It is well known that the sun's rays are harmful to the skin but the same goes for hair which, with sun, salt and / or chlorine dry out and lose their body. In the presence of treated hair, then ... the situation risks becoming unsustainable!

How can we have healthy and flowing hair even in summer?

Here is a series of tips:

First of all, let's try to minimize the use of hair dryers and straighteners because heat is not friendly to the hair. Better to air dry them. If we wash them every day we must use a very mild shampoo. In this way we will have skin and lengths that are always clean but not dry.

Our Delicate Moisturizing Shampoo was created to thoroughly cleanse the scalp and ensure a skin-protective action.

If we go to the beach or the pool we always apply sunscreen to our hair, especially if it is chemically treated.

Our Hair Protector is a protective fluid based on anti-UVA / UVB filters and natural active ingredients that help counteract the damage caused by the sun, chlorine and salt

A little tip we want to give you is to apply a rinse-off mask on the lengths 1 or 2 times a week. In this way the hair will not dry out and will always be soft and shiny.

Our Restructuring Mask moisturizes and nourishes the hair making it shiny without weighing it down and helps to counteract the frizz leaving the hair soft and silky.

With small tricks we will have beautiful hair all year round!

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