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Supreme d & n repair: our repair concept

It is well known that our skin is damaged. It is in fact exposed to a whole series of external factors such as sunlight and pollution . Preventing damage is essential to avoid the onset of spots, wrinkles, loss of tone, brightness, but it is also essential to have an ally to "remedy", where possible, these "aggressions".

We created Supreme D&N Repair because we wanted a product that could meet those who need to facilitate the natural repair processes of the skin . We all make mistakes: we expose ourselves too much to the sun or forget to wear sunscreen when we're in town. We often do not use an anti-pollution cosmetic or we forget to remove make-up, fine dust and dirt from the face in the evening, before going to sleep. The skin is the largest organ in the body, it is an intelligent organ, which carries out a whole series of actions to repair the damage that its cells undergo . However, it is possible to “give a hand” to the skin.

Our novelty, Supreme D&N Repair , is a product designed to favor the natural repairing processes of cells , protecting their functionality and compensating for all aggressions suffered by the skin (atmospheric agents, sun exposure, pollution). The innovative formula consists of a mix of powerful active ingredients, such as threonine, valine, glycine, glutamic acid, disodium succinate, vitamins F, PP and E, pomegranate extract titrated in ellagic acid , which stimulate the regeneration of aged and damaged tissues, counteracting the signs of aging and making the skin more elastic and smooth . Ceramides, phyto-plankton extract, phytosterols, glycolipids, urea and lactobacilli act in synergy to normalize the natural moisturizing factor of the skin and strengthen cell cohesion, renewing the skin barrier. Soothing biological active ingredients complete the preparation that rebalance and help prevent further damage.

A product that renews, promotes natural repair processes and at the same time takes care of the skin, counteracting the signs of aging and giving comfort and hydration.

You will love the subtle texture of Supreme D&N Repair: halfway between a serum and a cream, this product is absorbs quickly, without greasing , giving an extraordinary silkiness and a delicately perfumed skin. Supreme D&N Repair can be integrated into any skincare routine and is applied morning and evening immediately after the serum, before the cream.

You have surely understood that repair is fundamental for us at Eterea Cosmesi Naturale. In achieving the objectives we can finally count on a valid ally: Supreme D&N Repair . We are sure that you will fall in love with it and, once you try it, you will never be able to do without it.

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