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Oh yes, September arrived on time and, like every year, marks a new beginning.

Surely it is a month in which you have to deal with the post holiday: hair tested by the sea and the sun, feet that scream for help because of the "fault" of salt and sand and the skin that is so thirsty! Dedicating time to remise en forme becomes necessary to get off to a good start and return to work or school in the best possible condition because then the time available will be less and less.

What can we do to restore skin, hair, hands and feet to excellent


As for the hair we abound with masks, pre-shampoo packs to moisturize and nourish the hair in order to eliminate the dryness effect given to us by salt water and the sun.deep restart-soft hair mask- gold hair

Deep Restart - Restructuring Hair Mask - Gold hair

We use a line of products that repair and close the cuticles for healthy and shiny hair.

Soft Hair Repair Line

We do not neglect styling and always apply a thermo-protector so as not to dry out and further damage the hair and, as a final step
, we apply a product that protects them from external aggressions, especially pollution.

Thermo Active Complex - Milky Rain

Hands and Feet

As for hands and feet we must exfoliate to have the skin soft and smooth (for the most difficult areas of the feet we will use a special tool), moisturize and care for the nails. For exfoliation we choose a mechanical scrub, especially for the feet, to restore the skin to all its splendor.

Body Scrub

Next we will hydrate with products specially formulated for hands and feet, so that they can be moisturizing and nourishing at the right point. The ideal would be to apply plenty of cream before going to sleep and wear cotton gloves and socks so as to leave it on all night.

Hand Cream - Foot Cream

Finally we dedicate ourselves to nail care without forgetting to treat the cuticles with a special product to make them soft and less visible.

Beutycles - Hand and Nail Balm


The skin of the body, after an explosion in the sun, will certainly need a more abundant dose of hydration than usual.
To maintain the tan and allow the skin to better absorb subsequent treatments, we need to exfoliate. Here, scrubs and peels come to our aid which, by eliminating
dead cells, will make the skin smooth and radiant.

Gommage - Tri-Phasic Peel

At this point we apply the body cream or even a butter as the first application to give that boost that is needed to
bring everything back into balance and start with our daily routine.

Body Cream - Body Butter


The face is the part to which we dedicate more time and skincare products, after all it is an area that is always exposed and must be treated with extreme care.
Let's take some time to carry out a thorough cleansing of the skin of the face, using exfoliant, cleanser and tonic that do not further stress the skin.
Cleansers - Tonics - Facial exfoliants

If we have exaggerated with the sun, it is advisable to apply a serum that restores the right hydration to the skin.
Hyaluronic - After a Sunny Day - Antiox - All you need - Milky Serum
Let's not forget the eye contour which is essential to treat to moisturize the area and make it more lifted and luminous.
This product will help us to minimize the signs of aging and also those of expression.
Eye Contour


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